my family is home!!!  hooray!!!  albeit, they arrived at 3am this morning, i am still very happy to have them back.  the mission trip they were on in Tijuana, MX was really good, and i can’t wait to get all the trip details from them tonight. 

it was very bizarre while they were gone, in the sense of, i felt very much like an adult, and not like a 20 year old.  i mean, i was working full time, maintaining a house (which was hilarious!  i just staved off everything until saturday and then did a mass cleaning.  oh my gosh.  my sink looked like the scale from bill’s Islam lecture, with the dishes just piling higher and higher – kershroooommm!  brksh! brksh! woosh! burzh- oh, sorry.), doing all sorts of things i never do or even think about doing – like watering the plants or setting the thermostat.  it all really sunk in on sunday when i got up and went to church and sat in the third row, aisle seat, without my family…  then left to teach the 4th grade class…  it was like, i was being all responsible and everything, a complete adult, yet i felt like i was living someone else’s life.  this thing called growing up is very weird.  do i have to?  yet in some ways, i want to…


saw “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” saturday night.  it was interesting.  i honestly didn’t find it all that extraordinary, but…  there seemed to be some hints at worldview-type stuff, but the story rushed along so quickly that it didn’t have time to dwell on or develop any of them…  unlike-

PIRATES!  woo-hoo!!  i saw that movie 2 nights in a row last weekend.  LOVED it LOVED it LOVED it!!!  it immediately made in on Andrea’s short list of favorite movies.  (disclaimer: i went into the movie with a strong bias – i LOVE pirate stories of any kind!)  okay, so the overall message wasn’t very good – the whole “build up sympathy for the bad guys” and “never mind that they spend their whole lives looting and plundering and murdering, we’ll still cheer for them b/c they are sort of on the good side for now…”  yeah, yeah, i know.  BUT i did think that there were 2 specific parts that reflected Biblical truth.  i won’t go into them now; maybe i’ll write it all up under the “reviews” section of my site a little later…  if you are desperately curious and can’t wait till i post that, um, email me and i’ll give you my shpeal on it.    love to you all!



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  1. I checked out :The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”…..and I was reminded of our very own Mr. Kirbins.  He is definately and Extraordinary Gentleman if I do say so myself. I saw it with my really good friend Renjy (who is applying for staff next year!).  I don’t know what to think about your affinity for pirate movies.  Check ya later.

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