luz stopped by my work yesterday afternoon and we talked about camp and life and all sorts of good stuff.  Then she ended up just coming home with me for dinner and spending the night.  Yay!  It was grand fun.  AND, she had not yet seen Pirates, so of course I was utterly obliged to take her and release her from said horrible deprivation.  I know, I know, it was quite a sacrifice on my part, having already seen it twice, but somehow I managed.  Actually, I think I enjoyed it the most the 3rd time through!  LOL  What a great movie!  And SOOO quotable!!  My goodness! 

okay, I’ve finally written my thoughts on the movie and posted them in my reviews section (along with some fun quotes) if any of ya’ll want to check it out!  J   

yeah, so anyway, Wonderful Wooz and I had a jolly good time last night.  I heard about several of the East Coast jokes and stories and stuff that happened.  It was just great to spend time with Luz, especially after not having seen each other for the whole summer!  Then I attempted to poison her by feeding her moldy bagels this morning.  As she put it, “It’s my grande estate you’re after, I know.”  J   lol  I’m still working on the whole being a good hostess thing… and she’s so gracious toward me (as she helps me grow in that area!)…   


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