hey west coast WVA staff – got a question for you.  remember the cd that mufasa and simba loved to listen to in the van (and we all got hooked eventually) – The Power and the Glory?  i am looking on the internet to buy it for my dad, but i was wondering if there was a subtitle or something that would help me narrow my search.  can any of you help me?  thanks!


“the west wind is a pirate…” 


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  1. I don’t know of any subtitle, but I was able to find it on Amazon just by searching for “The Power and the Glory.” That was such a great CD…

  2. I bought it for my dad from FYE.  It’s the music of the NFL films.  It’s also at Best Buy (for cheaper than FYE).  And just to reiterate Pablo (b/c I was going to anyways then I saw he’d already done it, but I still wanted to)…The Autumn wind is a pirate…and it is!  It steals away your summer…dude that’s a great opening line…it’ll probably appear at the top of a post soon.  You  better not use it first!    Love you!

  3. Oh and if you do use my line first, remember…the loser bleeds alone on an open field…that’ll be YOU bleeding alone on the open field!  OK bye now.

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