my friend raigan and are going to “kidnap” a girlfriend of ours (her name is janelle) tonight and take her out to dinner and a movie.  janelle just moved to gilbert (although, rai and i both knew her and her family beforehand) and so this is sort of our “welcoming” for her.  she has no idea we’re coming (of course, her parents are in on it), so tonight we’re just going to show up at the door and take her away.    my dad gave me a gift certificate for TGIFriday’s, and we’re going to see Pirates!!  woo-hoo!!  this is #4 for raigan and i.    LOL  i know, i know… it’s rather pathetic, but what can i say?  everyone has their thing, and mine (and raigan’s) just happens to be the Pirate movie.  anyway, i’m SO looking forward to the evening…  hurry, hurry!  move faster, clock! 
*tick, tick* 


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