ooo, it’s been a bit since i last posted.  oh bother. 


well this past weekend was just fabulous.  and it’s ironic, because i also had a rather rough weekend in some ways.  yet it was really good.  just totally rejoicing in the grace of God and his amazing mercy on my life.  *sigh*  what wonders. 

so my weekend started out with me totally blowing it at work (my church office).  in a nutshell, in my eagerness to serve and help, i jumped the gun and did a few things, said a few things that i shouldn’t have.  what followed was some very loving and caring correction.  and although it was very loving and caring, it was still painful to receive.  there was my sin, clearly presented before me in all it’s ugliness.  not exactly the softest blow to my pride.  i call it “loser on display.”  i realized yet again what a loser i really am and how much i need the cross.  so i left work in tears and cried for awhile as i quickly packed and got my stuff together, for my weekend was starting right away.  i went out to dinner with my college group, then headed over to a family’s house that i was housesitting for, with two friends.  we made cookies and watched “You’ve Got Mail” and then all slept in the big master bed.  saturday morning we went to the mall and shopped a little, then tried on formals just for the fun of it.  we each tried on one that we would never wear, one that we would love to wear if modesty weren’t an issue, and one that someone else picked out for us.  it was hilarious!  we laughed SOOO hard in that dressing room!  saturday afternoon i talked over the work issue with my mom, cried some more, and came away from the conversation

more in awe of God’s grace in my life. 

i am so amazed at the wonderful cousel of a Godly and wise mother.  i  truly am blessed beyond measure.  she really helped me see what was objective truth about the situation, and what was emotional reaction.  oh, it was so good.  He is so good.  saturday night, i got a call from a friend who lives in virginia.  we had a great conversation and although we couldn’t talk very long, we both prayed for each other and it was SOOO good!  the holy spirit was totally giving us words, as we both were praying things for each other that were right on, and we didn’t even realize it.  i was so encouraged! 

what grace!

then i spent the night again at the housesitting house and my friend slept over with me.  that night she was sharing with me some of her struggles and challenges.  again, it was really hard on me just b/c i wished i could wave a magic wand and make everyone’s life easy and wonderful – especially for those i love – but i can’t.  but there was a richness of fellowship that emerged from that conversation that grew our friendship some more, which was really good.  

more amazing grace.

sunday morning, in light of all that had happened over the weekend, the worship (music) during the service was so rich and wonderful!  we sang a particular song that caused my soul to well up in praise and gratefulness for all that God is and has blessed me with. 
“thank you for the cross, the mighty cross
that God himself would die for such as us
and every day we’re changed into Your image
more and more
and by the cross we’ve truly been transformed

and we’re so amazed, and we give you praise…
for the power of the cross”

sunday night i bbsat for a family that i’d never bbsat for.  long story short, i saw God use many things that i have learned/experienced to bless and serve and encourage this family. 

sovereign grace.

monday i totally relaxed.  i baked (more) cookies and watched 2 movies – “the love letter” (a hallmark film) and “far and away” with a very young tom cruise and nicole kidman, which was actually a very good movie.  i thoroughly enjoyed it!  then i went to a labor day party for my church college group.  it was HUGE!  like, at least 60 people.  it was fun, but i don’t really like parties that are THAT big.  so i just participated largely in smaller, more personal side conversations.  we played a hilarious game that is some wierd combination of charades and telephone.  it was a riot!   

well, that was my weekend.  i’m still standing stunned at all that God did.  what unexpected, unanticipated, amazing grace. 

amazing grace, how sweet the sound

all my love,


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  1. Hey!  Oh, reading your blog made it seem like we were sitting on a dormroom bed and debriefing the day (or weekend)!  So I have to throw in my interjections like I would if we were actually talking (they’re not quite complete thoughts or sentences, but interjections thrown in here & there, except you’re getting them all right here)—
    Sorry about your rough day at work!  But way to make full speed mistakes!    I’m glad you got to have a fun evening w/ your friends!  How fun–house sitting & your friends getting to spend the night too!  I love You’ve Got Mail!  Yea for shopping and trying on formals just for the fun of it!  Definitely have done that!  And I definitely have my “I’d wear this if I wasn’t a Christian” clothes!    Yea for moms!  I talked to mine on the phone tonight, she’s been waiting on the Lord for the past year (literally, since last November) and in the past week He has moved in a HUGE way and answered and provided all she’s been waiting for!  We cried together at His goodness!  Yea for friends and for baking cookies!  Did you like The Love Letter?  I’ve seen previews but never the movie.  I’ve always wanted to.  Perhaps we’ll rent it this weekend. 
    Oh, thanks for Ben’s address!  I am putting pics in the mail to him tomorrow.  Could you send me copies of the all girls pic we took on the way to Ivar’s, the picture of everyone on the way to Ivar’s (you know when we stopped at that little lookout place), and you had some other ones that I know I wanted.  Maybe from staff training or in the van sometime.  I can’t remember, but I remember that I wanted them.  Let me know what you have.  Thanks!  I sent you something yesterday, so you should get it soon!    OK well, I’m going to play Phase 10 with the roommies.  Have you ever played?  It’s so fun!  I just got back from the Rec.  I was definitely the 2nd time I’ve worked out since May and I about died.  I’ve got to get back in the swing of this!  OK this is more like an email than a “comment” but I’ve been meaning to email you anyways, so this works!  Love you!

  2. hey girlie,
    your blog TOTALLY encouraged me!! thank you for sharing all dat stuff!! 🙂 i was shocked to see your virginia friend make it in. *grin* i am praying for ya! did u like my war and peace length email. *huge grin* love you- didi 

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