my hair is driving me insane.  it’s too long.  i’m going to cut it.  just a couple inches… 


7 thoughts on “

  1. what’s IMHO mean?  i love it long, just not as long as it is now (nearly to the end of my back).  don’t worry.  it will never be shorter than my shoulder blades. 

  2. Donate it!!! 
    oh, I can’t remember if I told you–the email on my xanga site is one that I never use, I give it to websites and magazines or whatever.  When I do check it, there’s always a ton and so I usually delete them all, b/c they’re junk.  So I probably deleted your email w/o realizing it was yours!  sorry!  email me if you have a free minute.  i know those are few and far between!  love you!

  3. Cutting hair is bad.  Btw, I’m curious…how’d you run across my site?
    As you saw from my pic, I’ve been letting my hair grow out…lol.. NOT!

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