to all those who are familiar with randy sims’ orientation lecture at worldview academy….

i actually experienced the sensation of sleeping under a pile of “stuff” the other night.  i had a friend over and after sleeping in my double bed, the next morning, the sheet and blankets were all piled and rolled into a ball in the middle of my bed.  so the next night, i just got into bed and kind of rolled the ball on top of myself, enough to cover what was feeling cold at the time, and fell asleep.  i awoke the next morning and chuckled to think that i had just slept under a “pile” not completely unlike the way randy describes it.    and for all of you who are panicking that the infamous type-a andrea has left her bed unmade for more then 24 hours, i have two things to say – 1) college life does that to you, and 2) ha!  i’m not as much of a freak as some of ya’ll thought!   

i miss all of my beloved wva people… 


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  1. NEVER!  actually, having a nice, clean office-desk job, i do sometimes just put things back in my closet to wear a 2nd time.    the whole concept of a “once or twice worn” pile at camp is quite disgusting to me though.  haha!

  2. My desk is right next to Kristin’s at work. and she is our resident type-A.  I’m constantly asking her for stuff, and she revels in being able to pull a desired paper out of her file. 

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