okay – i have worked full time for over a month, so i can now issue an official opinion on what i think of working full time.  here it is *drumroll*

i like it!! 

now for the conditions/disclaimers.  haha!  you didn’t think it was that simple, did you?  i love working full time – here at the church.  and in this season of life.  i could never do this for the rest of my life.  sorry, but i can’t handle being gone from home that long.  but while i’m single and young, it’s all good.  and i don’t know if i would really like working full time if i had any other job.  i just love my church and working here in the office.  i mean, i get to work with my pastors full time – how amazing of a blessing is that?!  and i’m totally loving the free evenings and weekends to plan and fill how i please, without the ever-present rain cloud of homework and school perpetually hovering right above my eyebrows for weeks on end.  although i do miss the “college student” life, and the freedom that was involved in that, i’m very happy where i am.  as the psalmist said, “the boundaries have fallen in pleasant places.”  amen.  and the money is nice too.   

<gap> hopefully the dreadful/wonderful (depending on who you ask) event of cutting my hair will happen tomorrow (if my mom is up for it – she cuts my hair).  don’t worry, everybody, i’m not going drastic.  just a trim and a half.    sheesh.  it’s just hair.  then again…  ha!  i didn’t think that at the beginning of last summer when it was cut way shorter than i had anticipated.  that was bad.  tears and unkind words and conflict and sin and apologizing followed shortly thereafter.  *shaking head*  not good.  never again.  here’s the lesson that i continually forget – trust your mother!  mother’s know.  trust me.  trust them. 



One thought on “

  1. that sounds very…joyful!
    as for cutting your hair….it would take a lot, a whole lot, to ruin the Andrea cuteness level.  i don’t think a haircut is going to be a problem.  rock on, sis!

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