i had such a wonderful weekend!  raigan and i have decided to meet together regularly and go through a book, have discussions, ask hard questions, keep each other accountable, etc.  we want to take our friendship to a deeper level.  so we had our first meeting friday night.  our church has this thing called “the book of the month” where, ever month, they recommend a book for the church to read.  so, raigan and i decided to go through the book of the month each month together.  this months’ book is called “feminine appeal” by carolyn mahaney.  it’s based on titus 2 and talks about the 7 traits of a Godly wife/mother/woman.  raigan and i read and discussed the 1st 2 chapters last week and are finding SO much that is applicable and challenging to us right now as single young women.  i was very convicted that, although i share everything with my mom, and tell her about my life all the time, i do not consistently pursue her for advice and counsel.  often i consider myself too much of her equal and not enough of her disciple.  i need to be drawing her out more about her insight and thoughts on my life/decisions/etc.  good stuff!  i’ve got so much to work on, and i’m so encouraged and excited to grow!  not to mention what this is doing to my relationship with raigan.  it’s so fabulous!  we’re both loving it!  funny though.   right before i left to meet with her, i could totally feel the “spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” principle rear up.  i’d been looking forward to this meeting all week long, then i get ready to leave and suddenly i’m like, “i don’t really feel like doing this.  this doesn’t sound fun anymore.  i’d rather do something more fun.”  *slap*  andrea!  knock it off!  you know you want to do this.  your spirit is crying out for this!  it’s just your stupid flesh rebelling against what the spirit desires.  crucify it, girl!  fight fight fight!  so i went.  and of course, it was even better that i was hoping for!  God is so good like that…

afterwards we went to raigan’s house and stayed up until like, 2am watching Alias.  i’ve never seen it before, but raigan watches it regularly and just bought the 1st season on DVD, so she is introducing me to it.  wow.  it’s really good!!  i really like it!  jennifer garner is quite impressive, i must say.  i’m totally hooked.  but i don’t think that i’m going to be watching it on TV though, b/c the 3rd season is starting like, next week, and i’m so behind that i’ll have to wait until i watch both of the 1st 2 seasons before i start watching the 3rd (and the 2nd season doesn’t come out on DVD until december).  and it’s going to take awile for me to catch up.  plus, it’s difficult for me to watch something like that and be super diligent about it.  inevitably i’ll miss a week (which, with a show like that, that’s not good), then it’ll screw everything up.  sorry, just too stressfull and complicated.  “keep it simple, stupid!”  i’ll just wait and watch them on DVD.  besides, that way i can skip all the commercials and just keep watching episode after episode. 

saturday night my family went out to dinner together and then saw “Johnny English” at the discount theatres.  lousy movie.  lame, dumb, not even very entertaining.  wouldn’t recommend it.  but hey!  our whole family went and saw a movie together for $10 so i won’t complain!  it was fun to be together!

sunday after church i went over to raigan’s again to watch some more alias’  i’m so hooked, it’s not even funny!  then i played ultimate frisbee for a couple hours.  THEN *grin* i went out with my friend bethany and we saw Pirates of the Caribbean.  haha!  k, don’t laugh.  but she hadn’t seen it yet!  well, okay, she hadn’t TRULY seen it.  she saw it while she was in DC this summer, but the sound was jacked, so she couldn’t hear any of the dialogue – which, in my opinion, if you didn’t hear the dialogue from that movie, then you really didn’t see the movie.  so we went and saw it together last night.  boy, do i love that movie! 

“what’s your business is port royal, mr smith?
“yeah, and no lies!”
“well if you must know, i plan on comandeering one of these ships, picking up a crew in tortuga, raid, pillage, pilfer, and otherwise plunder my weasely black guts out!”
“i said no lies!”
“i think he was telling the truth…” 



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