i have mastered the art of ironing wrinkles into clothes!  it’s the ironing of them out that is the tricky part.  yeah, still working on that…  usually i don’t wear things that require massive amounts of ironing, simply because i don’t have the time… but on occasion, i have days where i really want to wear a nice dress shirt or something, in which case, a good ironing session must ensue.  well, i don’t know about ‘good’… 


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  1. i do have one of those!  it’s fabulous.  but [also] unfortunately, i buy more for look/style/color/etc. than for the wrinkle factor.  actually, i don’t mind ironing pants.  i’ve gotten that one down pretty good.  it’s the shirts that have some elastic/spandex properties, so i slide the iron along them, and they bunch up at the end!  grr.  haha!  what i need to do is have an ironing session one night.  pop in a movie or something and just iron everything in my closet that needs it, then i’ll be set for like, 3 weeks at least! 

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