eight legged freaks
i just had an extremely traumatizing experience!!!  the chair at my work desk is one of those ones on wheels and i’m always gliding around in it.  ususally i slide back and forth between the cabinets and my computer, about 5 feet apart.  so i’m over at the cabinets and i glance back toward the computer and i see something on the floor, on the roller mat thingy.  it’s a HUGE brown spider, like at least 3 inches across!  and what was WORSE, was that it’s belly had been squashed and was oozed out on the mat!  i had run my chair over it the last time i slid back to my desk!!  how long had that spider been under there???  and THAT COULD HAVE BEEN MY FOOT!!!  aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!!  most spiders usually don’t bother me, but this one was big and hairy and oozing!  gross!  and now i feel like there are things crawling across my feet!!  why did i have to wear opened-toed sandals to work today?!?

guess what?!
for those of you who haven’t heard yet (and for those of you who have and haven’t told me – we need to have a “chat”), i just found out —

brandon and liv booth are expecting their first wee one on April 11th!!!  woo-hoo!!  CONGRATULATIONS to brandon and liv!! 


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  1. EWWWWWWWWWW!!!! i am OFFICIALLY grossed out now!! yuck yuck yuck!!!!! eeeeeww!!! i hate spiders!
    AWWW!!!! THAT IS SOOO SWEEEET!!!!! AWWWWW!!! i did not know that!!!

  2. Did I tell you that Andrea?  So sorry if I didn’t!  Liv told my mom and she told me a few weeks ago.  I told Courtney Cozadd when I saw her the next day!  So ya know, at least I told someone! 

  3. no, actually brandon told me.  it’s luz i’m perturbed with, ’cause brandon said she’s known for awhile and i just talked with her the other night!  the nerve….  SOME people’s friends…. 

  4. ya know i figure i should tell you exactly how long i have known so i can prove my eliteness…(looking at my calendar)…i have known since september 10.  BOOYA!

  5. hey, Andrea–did you send me an email a couple of days ago with a link to free movie tickets?  it wasn’t from the the email addy that I have on my address list, so I was a little afraid to open it.  Your name was in the subject line

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