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sola scriptura
  last night my family went and saw “Luther”.  wow.  it was very good!  i was quite please with most of it.  particularly with the way they accurately portrayed the catholic church at that time in history – greedy, manipulative, selfish, hypocritical liars who desired wealth and political promise.  and they also portrayed luther as just a man, not some unrealistic hero who had no faults or struggles.  and there was one particular point in the film where the gospel was quite clearly preached!  it was great!  i was so encouraged and freshly motivated to stand for Christ and the Word, against any and all who would deny it.  it was so awesome to see luther standing for scripture as the only authority on life and salvation, and as completely sufficient for life and salvation!  woo-hoo!  one disclaimer/disappointment: there was no mention at all of luther’s famous experience with that passage of scripture that reads, “the just shall live by faith” that supposedly played a key role in luther’s conversion.  but other than that (and some wierd subplot dead end with a peasant woman and her daughter), the movie was pretty good.  i would definitely recommend it!! 

in the dead of night
   i woke up in the middle of the night last night to this wierd, high pitched screeching sound just outside my bedroom door.  the house was pitch black, oddly more so than usual.  typically there’s a little light visible from at least the street lamp…  so i roll out of bed and go to my door.  the sound gets louder.  despite it being my own house, which we’ve lived in for going on 6 years, i still felt my way out into the hall.  reaching to the wall on my left, i flipped the light switch.  no response.  i made my way to my parent’s room walking like some resurrected mummy, totally blind and arms outstretched.  i stick my head into my parents room and whisper fiercely “mom!” as i try the hall light switch by their door…  then i realized what had happened.  the power was out, and it had triggered our smoke/fire alarm in some freak way that it wasn’t totally going off, but just screaming at high pitched, spitted intervals.  mom rolls out of bed and heads to the kitched for flashlights.  my dad pops his head up, pulls out his earplugs and goes, “what time is it?”    it was about 1:45am…  mom called the power company to make sure they knew about the outage, and i went back to bed.  but, i’ll admit, i was a little scared with our smoke detector going off.  i wasn’t sure if it had gone off simply b/c of the power out, or b/c there was some sparking electrical wire smoldering in our walls.  mom didn’t seem concerned, so i just prayed for God’s protection on our family and rolled back into bed.  but not without giving my dad my digital watch alarm so he could get up on time, and asking him to make sure he came in and gave it back to me by 5:30 so i could get up on time too.  weeellll, i was awaken to my dad coming in, handing me the watch and saying, “here’s your watch.  sorry, it’s 6:15.”  *sigh*  so much for working out before work….  at first i was annoyed at my dad; then i decided to just be happy that i got to sleep more.   


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  1. i replied twice before, but i couldnt remember my password and was not on my comp. :-p
    ok… my reply was…. that wpould be scary!!! i am glad you figured out what it was i dont like eeery sounds!! sleep is good. 🙂 and i am dying to see luther, but none of my friends are cool enough to see it with me. :-p 🙂
    love – didi

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