“fashion is what one wears on oneself.  what is unfashionable is what other people wear.”  Lord Goring (in An Ideal Husband)

gotta love Oscar Wilde.  hilarious quotes!  anyone else know of any other good ones off the top of their head? 

oh, and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to my friend Christina Trefzger!!  she’s 20 today!


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  1. Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.
    –Oscar Wilde
    Haha, I think that’s a pretty funny one.  I’m so excited about my goodies!  OK here’s the pics that you mentioned that I know that I don’t have: the wooden nickel, girls in seattle and the whole grp in seattle.  And now I can’t remember if you mentioned any more.  The only one that you did that I have is the one from Powell’s.  So I don’t need that one.  OK I think that’s it.  THANKS SO MUCH! love you!

  2. one more thing–I’m so excited about my shirt!  I’m going to New Braunfels camp this coming week, so if you send it and it arrives before then I can wear it so everyone will see!  Though I don’t know who the “everyone” will be, I still want them to see it!  But if it doesn’t come by then it’s ok.  I’ll take a picture of myself & post it on my site! 

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