okay, laugh if you want to, but i find this soundtrack a lot of fun to listen to.  “it’s our problem freeeeee, philosophyyyyy, hakuna matata!”  LOL  holly will sing with me, right holler?    plus, this song takes me back a good 6 years or so to when our jump rope team would go on trips and do shows/demonstrations in public schools – we would play fun songs (several from this soundtrack) while the kids were coming into the auditorium/gym and being seated for the show.  what wonderful memories i have of that time…   

and i can still see Bill Jack doing his hula-style dance to “the circle of life” and imitating simba’s “sqeaky” voice “but gee, dad, don’t we eat the antelope?”  LOL  and having all the kids say in their best james earl jones voice “simbaaa”.  haha! 

college group tonight!  woo-hoo!! 

and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to andrea’s MOMMY!!!  today is the birthday of the most wonderful mommy in the whole wide world!  i love you mom! 


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  1. lol  yes, actually, there is.  it’s hard to explain, but basically we did jump rope routines and tricks, etc. (double dutch, on our own, in sync with a partner, all sorts of stuff)  we would go on “demonstrations”, where we would go into public schools and put on a show for the kids, and sometimes hold a “workshop” afterwards to teach the kids some of the stuff they saw in the show…  most of the demos we did were local, but we did do some traveling to various states, as well as england and canada on two occasions.  it was very cool.  we also competed as well.  we never competed internationally, but those were really fun too.  my dad was the coach of our team, so my brother and i grew up doing it.  the team started when i was about 3 years old, so neither ryan or i really remember life before jump rope.    my dad stopped coaching the team when i was 14…  yeah, so anyway, there really is such a thing as a jump rope team. 

  2. I was on jumprope team in elementary school!  Only the really cool people, right Andrea?    haha, hmm, I don’t know if would actually sing with you…I never really liked The Lion King, it actually scared me when I was little.  But I would sing anything else with you!  haha, this reminds me of our contraband cd player during staff training!   
    Happy Birthday, Mrs Lambros!

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