i haven’t gotten all the way thru the above-mentioned movie, so i don’t know if it’s good or not…  so far it’s kinda cute… we’ll see…

k, a word of advice for my gentleman friends:  if you see a girl carrying/pulling/lifting/etc something even slightly heavy or awkward, do NOT offer or ask to relieve her of her burden.  no no no.  just do it!  just reach over/out and take the heavy object for her and say something like, “here, let me help you with that” or “here, let me carry that for you.”  b/c when you ask or offer, [i would venture to say] most girls will initially refuse you with “oh that’s okay.  i got it.”  but honestly, while we do “have it,” we would much rather the guy just take the initiative and take over.  don’t ask for our opinion.  if the girl really doesn’t want you to carry the item, then she’ll have to really refuse you, which takes more effort than to let you carry the item.  i had a guy do this to me last week and it totally made my day.  i was so encouraged to see him look over, notice that i was carrying something heavy, and just take it from me, without even saying a word.  i felt totally like a lady, and i had a new respect for the gentleman.  so, that’s my little tip for guys…   


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  1. OOOOH! I love Hope Floats!!! 🙂 What’d’ya think of it?
    YES!! If a guy OFFERs to take something I will almost always say no, but if he takes it as he is asking I am more then happy to give it up, and it makes me feel special. 🙂
    What;s the weather like there A? I am coold.

  2. It’s only 95ish today. :p I WANT coldness….. It’s getting depressing when you can BARELY wear jeans and not sweat yourself to death… 🙂

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