“It’s raining, it’s pouring…”
hmm… i was singing that song this morning as i listened to the rain while getting ready for work…  as i finished it out i realized that it is really rather morbid…  “the old man is snoring.  he went to bed and bumped his head and didn’t get up in the morning.”  how sad. 

although it wasn’t raining while i drove to work, the truck i was driving was all wet, and the windshield was completely speckled and swirled over with water.  and being the fixer-upper-car-of-character that it is, the handle to turn on the windshield wipers is gone.  last time it rained, we stuck a paintbrush with a fat, wooden handle in the hole and used it to turn the wipers on and off.  worked great!  but the paintbrush was nowhere to be found this mornings so i just battled the low visibility factor.  looking thru the windshield honestly looked more like gazing at a monet painting, with all the colors sort of blurred and blended, with any precise details or defined lines smeared slightly.  good thing i only work a mile away! 

it officially feels like FALL!  due to the rain, and overcast skies, i decided to wear my favorite blue SWEATER today!  yay!  now i actually feel like it’s fall.  of course, i stepped outside and the temperature is still around the high 80s (and probably climbing), but if i turn the air conditioning in my office up a little, then maybe i’ll convince myself it’s chillier outside than it actually is!  i’m desperately trying to feel fall-ish.  i’m burning my “sweet cinnamon pumpkin” candle on my desk, and sipping hot “tuscany orange spice” tea.  mmmm.  i do love fall… 


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  1. fall! hah! fall? What do these desert dwellers know of fall!
    :: looks glum :: I love fall too. I rode my bike to CCGC the other day, and I kept on running over some of the crunchy leaves—it sounded so nice and fallish šŸ™‚

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