i just looked at all the pictures from the TbarM worldview camp.  *sniff*  it looked like a great bunch of kids!  i wish i coulda been there…  i miss camp…  *sniff* 


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  1. I missed you at camp!  All of a sudden on Wednesday, we were like, “woah!  we need to make copies of surveys!”  It was always something I took for granted that you did!  And you did it so well!  Come Thursday night I was carrying around all the exams, evaluations for Friday and the left over surveys in my back pack.  It weighed me down quite a bit.  I loved wearing my shirt!  Everyone loved it too!  Oh, one more thing–do you have the picture of everyone the last night in Seattle?  Guys & femalays?  I have the “gender-separated” ones, but not the “less gender-separated” one.  Haha, get this–one kid put on their evaluation that they wanted “co-ed swimmin’ ” (note the spellinging of swimmin’) and “pyrotechniques”.  I’m not sure if they meant at the same time or not.  We got quite a kick out of reading that one! 

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