the worship conference started last night!!  woo-hoo!!  i was so bored at work yesterday morning and then things started picking up around 1pm.  then 3 o’clock hit and everything got insanely busy!  i was running around like a mad woman for like, 3 hours straight.  it’s amazing how many glitches can arise at the last minute.  running off last minute copies, emergency runs to wal-mart, the phone ringing off the hook, whew!  the adrenaline was flowing and i was having a grand old time!  i love conferences! 

my family is hosting 4 guys from our team-related church in Tijuana, Mexico, so i went and slept over at one of our pastor’s houses with my three (girl) cousins.  after the evening session, i went out with a group of my friends who came in from denver.  needless to say, i slept like a rock last night!  this morning was most definitely a starbucks morning.   


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