it was hard to get up this morning…  the worship conference pretty much wore me out.  oh, but it was so fun!!  here’s a rather comical anecdote from the weekend:

setting – friday night, after an extended time of worship following the evening session.  so it’s like, 11pm…

story – my cousin nicole and i are planning to go eat at denny’s with two friends from denver – jeremy and scott.  the guys get all goofy and decide to sit up front with jeremy driving.  now, understand that we were in nicole’s car.  and it is an old, mercedes-benz that runs on deisel.  yeah.    so jeremy pulls out of the parking lot and has not even driven 1/2 mile, when suddenly we realize that there are flashing blue and red and white lights behind us.  yep, it was a police officer pulling us over.  the officer comes up to the car and asks where we were coming from (a church conference) and where we were heading (denny’s).  it was quite comical as jeremy hands over his denver driver’s license and nicole passes the insurance information up from the back seat!  haha.  the officer is like, “have you guys been drinking?”  uh, no.  (one of us – ahem! – is not even old enough to drink!)  we had no idea why he had pulled us over.  the officer explained that our headlights were off, and that that is one of the first signs of a drunk driver!  haha.  so then nicole explains that she actually has a headlight out and so she drives with her brights on at night (which really aren’t very bright) to compensate until her brother in law gets back into town to fix it.  of course, jeremy didn’t know this and had simply forgotten to turn the lights on period!  the officer let’s us go and just tells nicole to get that fixed. 

it get’s better….

so we go about 5 miles more and jeremy slams on the brakes to avoid running a yellow light.  i was like, “aw, you totally could have made that!”  to which jeremy replies, “yeah, but there’s another cop car behind us.”  we’re stopped at a light and the car had pulled up behind us.  we thought it a little ironic, but nothing more….. until the light turned green, we went through the intersection, and the police car’s lights flipped on!!  yes, ladies and gentlemen, we were pulled over a second time – and within 10 minutes of the 1st time!!!  basically the same thing happened, except the 2nd officer asked, “were you guys just pulled over by a gilbert officer?”  lol  he let us off with the same admonition to get the light fixed.  we finally made it to denny’s where we had a great time laughing and talking about the conference and how huge and wonderful God is.  good times… 


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