“Now, bring me that horizon”
i went and saw “Pirates” again last night with the lady from my office and her husband.  you know, the ones who are totally crazy about it too, and who call me “poppet”?    it was #6 for mike and i, and #5 for cyndi.  lol  funny…

the weekend is finally here!  yay!!  and it’s going to be a fun one!  tonight raigan and i are going to have pictures taken together (i’ll try and post one after we get them back…), then we’re going to have another Alias marathon – we’re starting season two – yeah, baby!!!  we’re sleeping over in a little guest apartment above the garage of a family’s house that goes to our church.  we’ve done it before once, and it’s SOOO much fun!  if raigan and i ever move out and decide to get an apartment together, we will so totally live there!  then saturday afternoon i’m going to see the play “the importance of being earnest” at the local jr college where i went to school.  saturday night there is a youth mtg….  sunday we have church!!  yay!  i love church.  after church i’m going to a bar-be-que at a friend’s house.  then sunday night i’ll probably crash and attempt to catch up on the ridiculous amount of sleep i’ll be losing tonight….   i can’t wait! 

and can i just say that i have THE BEST parents in the world?  they’re so wonderfully fabulous.  i just love them so much…. 

“Modesty in nature is protective;  in civilization it is seductive.”  ~Holbrook Jackson
“It is always beautiful.” ~G.K.Chesteron’s reply 


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  1. ooh, i like the chesterton quote!  thanks for the message about daniel!  is pirates still playing in AZ?  i think it ended a long time ago here.  i can’t wait for it to come out on dvd!  i want to buy it!!!

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