the turning point
   i think FALL is finally here!!  yesterday afternoon i sat out on the back porch at a friend’s house almost the entire afternoon and it was beautiful!  not at all hot.  and then this morning, i was riding my bike to work and i was actually COLD!  like, uncomfortably cold.  okay, so it was probably only like 70 degrees out, but hey!  that’s cold for a little arizona girl… 

good times
i had the best afternoon yesterday!  one of the best i’ve had in a while.  after church, one of the guys in the our college group invited everyone over to his house for a bar-be-que ’cause his parents are out of town.  <quick explanation of that statement: he usually can’t have gatherings at his house when his parents are home because his mom has delicate and unpredictable health issues.  so they said he could have ppl over while they were gone.>  anyway, a good crowd was there for the greater part of the afternoon.  by about 4pm it was only ryan (the guy whose house we were at), the shank trio (travis, jordan, and janelle – siblings), bekah, and me.  we were all sitting out on the back patio just talking away.  we had some really great discussions about everything from the sermon that morning (which was really good – it was on 1 Cor. 12:12-30 – the body) to where you would live if you could live anywhere in the country.    it started getting late and the boys were getting hungry so we began thinking about dinner.  should we order in?  just get pizza?  go to a restaurant?  then it occured to janelle, that maybe we could just cook something there at the house.  her face lit up and she looked at me and goes, “you wanna cook??”  and of course, i was like, “yes!  yes!  let’s make dinner!”  so we sent travis and jordan to the store to pick up a few things.  actually, that’s not accurate.  they very graciously offered to go to the store to pick up a few things.  so janelle and bekah and i got busy in the kitchen making tacos, homemade salsa, and homemade guacamole.  the boys just hung out in the family room/extended kitchen area, strumming the guitar, talking, laughing, singing…  it was seriously SOOO much fun!!  at one point i stopped and looked around and thought to myself, this is so wonderful.  i’m having such a blast!  eventually we finished making dinner and then we all sat down and ate together at the kitchen table and talked some more.  by the time we had cleaned up the kitchen andgot ready to go home it was 10:30pm!  travis calculated that we had all been there over 9 hours!    and it was nine hours well invested and well spent i might say.  there are very few ways i would rather spend my sunday afternoon.  not only was it completely enjoyable fellowship and great conversation, it was also a total blast doing something i love (cooking and working in the kitchen), i got to do it together with two of my girlfriends, and we got to bless our brothers in Christ by feeding them!     it was a great evening.  i was very encouraged and happy. 

soli deo gloria
(to God alone be glory)


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  1. Hey A,
    That sounds like the bestest afternoon!!! I had a saturday AND sunday where i had a blast that was well spent. Arent those so wonderful, isnt God so wonderful to let us ENJOY God glorifying times?? I mean God could tell us to sit in  dark room, face on the floor, and have that be the only way to glorify Him. But, He has chosen to allow us to have sunshine, friends, fellowship, FOOD :d, He is so good!!!
    Hugs – Didi PS. I want to call you, email me when a good time to call ya would be.

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