rainy days are romantic days, i’ve decided.  i’m not sure what it is, but there’s something very romantic about the rain.  i definitely get more sentimental and mushy on rainy days…. 


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  1. ah but see Didi, we live in the place where you have one, and if you’re REALLY lucky, 2 rainy days a year. It’s not as romantic when you live in Virginia..but its still kinda cool.. 🙂

  2. Remember Becky & I talking about Wild At Heart girls this summer? (you know like the book Wild at Heart?)  Remember being labled “intimidating”–about how we give the appearence of being able to take care of ourselves and being tough but don’t want to have to be that way forever!  If you’ve blocked it out of your memory, I understand.

  3. OOOHHH!! yes!  i’m all about the “i can pretty much take care of myself, but i’d rather not and hope i don’t have to forever” girl.  YEAH!  oh, please don’t remind me about the intimidating thing!  the only pleasant part of that experience was ben calling me to make sure i was okay.  and the conversation you and i had… 

  4. Those of us with TWS are known to live long lives though.  We’re tough.  We survived many a hardship.  Go ahead, challenge us, it’ll make our day.

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