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okay, stinky xanga for being down last friday!  i really needed to post that day!  it was a very special day.  so, let’s just pretend it is friday okay?

Friday, November 14, 2003
today is my brother Ryan’s 18th birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!!  I LOVE YOU!! 

it was mucho exciting.  my brother has been teaching himself how to play guitar on an old guitar belonging to one of the guys in our church.  he’s done SOOO well at it, displaying diligence and initiative and creativity.  very cool.  so, for his birthday, i bought my brother a guitar!    yay!  it’s a very nice guitar that a (different) guy from our church picked out (’cause he knows a lot about guitars, so i asked him to find one) and got it for a killer price!  it’s a beauty.  and my brother was so excited!!  it was great! 

the 15th
saturday was a lovely relaxing day.  my plans to get together with a friend fell through so i just stayed home, washed the car, read, baked cookies, watched some TV, cleaned the Dr.’s office (that my family cleans every week), came home and cleaned up the kitchen, then watched the above-advertised movie and went to bed.  it was great.  i’d forgotten how much i enjoy simple days at home doing the domestic thing.  they’re wonderful!  i could seriously get used to doing that every day!  (hopefully one day i will! )

then, i got a delightful surprise!  i answered the phone and i hear this “andrea?”  to which i replied, “yes?” and then i heard, “this is jana”.  *squeal*  we talked for at least an hour about tons of stuff!  it was fabulous!  ah, sweet jana.  one of my dear friends and role models.  ::sigh::  i miss you.  thanks so much for calling!  that was so special!

the 16th
sunday my pastor preached an excellent sermon on 1 Cor. 13:4-7, talking about what Christian love is supposed to look/not look like, and how it is completely and radically different from the world.  one point that he made that was really good, was that in the world, love is based on worth.  it’s the “i will only love you if / i love you because you are worth loving, or you have something that is of value to me.”  whereas, Christian love is/should be “i love you because i have been shown the most amazing love by my Savior.  i will love you with no conditions.”  it was very good! 

sunday evening i spent some time with bethany – we got starbucks and than walked through Kohls ’cause i had yet to venture in there.  didn’t find anything, so we went to target and i found 3 wonderful treasures!  a dress scarf with green circles on it (very cute!), a navy blue chenile sweater, and a black sleeveless top that i can wear to work, etc.  i just love finding treasures at target!   

the 17th
oh, here’s a cool bit of information (particularly for girls):
“A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies.”  Proverbs 31:10
According to a gemologist at the New York Diamond Connection Inc., a very fine ruby would cost $40,000.00 per karat. 
If one karat wieghs about 5 grams, and there are 454 grams in a pound, use this formula to calculate your worth in fine rubies:
# of pounds x 454 (grams per pound) x $8,000 (price per gram)
At this price, a 130 pound woman would be worth $472,160,000.00 to her husband!!! 
And proverbs says that a wife of noble character is worth far more!  Isn’t that amazing? 


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  1. wow…. thanks so much for doing that math A!! that’s awesome!!
    happy late birthday to ryan!!
    sounds like you had an awesome weekend!! šŸ™‚
    Love ya – dd
    ps. you owe me an email šŸ˜‰

  2. that last bit was cool for girls…. but maybe slightly depressing for boys. (who can find? probably not me!)

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