(i couldn’t help it.  i busted out the christmas music.  yay!!!)

currently eating: cottage cheese with thawing raspberries

i was sick yesterday.  yuck.  mild fever and all the aches that go with it.  yuck.  i stayed home from work and slept and watched Legally Blonde 2 and The Winslow Boy.  Enjoyed both, for the most part.  i’m better now, though.  still have some residual aches in my ribcage, and a slightly foggy head, but no fever.  praise God.  and praise God for His kindness through being sick as well.  he granted me the gift of sleep several times during the day, and i have a wonderful mommy who took care of me.  having a mommy around when you’re sick is a great thing.  i don’t know what i’ll do when i get married.  hopefully i’ll marry a very compassionate man!    anyway… 

here’s a great chesterton quote:
Holbrook Jackson said, “Defintions put a limit to ideas; institutions put a limit to life.  So long as we recognise these two precepts, both definitions and institutions may be used with advantage.”

to which Chesterton replied, “Definitions are ideas.  A snake’s head and tail don’t ‘limit’ the snake.  They make him.”

gotta love Chesterton…


One thought on “

  1. eprops for the Christmas music & eprops for currently eating!  i am influencing xangaland!  i’m slowly taking over the world here–one xanga site at a time!  muahaaahaaa

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