currently consuming:  a chai tea latte from starbucks that my beloved friend raigan brought by the office for me!  and some crackers with peanut butter.  and some cottage cheese and blueberries.  i’m sort of grazing….

the cuteness factor is rather high today.  oh yes.  girls, i’m sure you all understand this concept.    wearing the new green polka dot scarf. 

the weekend is almost here!  yay!  i love weekends!  and this one holds lots of potential – tonight is my brother’s first basketball game of the season – GO RYAN!!  then i’m spending the night with raigan (who’s babysitting a family in our church for the weekend), and we’re going to watch more of Alias: Season 2 (woo-hoo!!).  then i’m going shopping with christina saturday morning.  old navy here we come!  i’m hoping to find some jeans and overalls and some long sleeved shirts.  saturday night is high school youth group.  definitely a fun place to be – hangin’ with the younger kids.  no clue what i’m doing on sunday.  maybe i’ll read some more.  i’m almost finished with Return of the King!  only a couple chapters left!  maybe i’ll make some cards…  i’ll probably just stay home and relax.  ooo, maybe i’ll do some baking!  tis the season for pumpkin bread…  isn’t it hilarious that our holidays revolve so heavily around food?  or rather, are defined and remembered and “traditioned” by food?  then again, i guess this isn’t really unique to our culture.  what is it with the human race and food?? 

okay, so what is everybody’s favorite fall/christmas holiday food??? 


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  1. return of the king! fantastic! aahhh… the only novel that makes me take a deep sigh of contentment whenever i think about it. enjoy. :o)
    oh! and i’d have to go for the cranberry sauce and lady-finger christmas cookies.

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