i got a 62%!  go figure!  all WVA ppl MUST do this – it’s so funny!



5 thoughts on “

  1. I got a 91% and I’m a bit embarased at my low score.  I think it’s because I actually do own a heavy coat and my favorite food isn’t fried.  Thank you for your sweet encouragement!  I miss you too!  I know!  It was like we were watching Finding Nemo together!  Were you able to find that charm on the James Avery website?  Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

  2. darn. I only got an 82%. Prolly because I wasn’t technically born in the South…oh well. besides that, I’m probably more of a Southerner than most, lol. and the only reason I own a heavy coat is that i used to live in colorado! but Captain’s Table serves fried shimp, and don’t call it “pop” anything. ha.
    but question: why should all WVA people do that quiz? I wasn’t under the assumption that WVA was a super Southern thing, considering that I went to it in Seattle, lol.  

  3. i when i said WVA ppl, i more meant WVA staff, particularly those who did the west coast, b/c we were with quite a few texans all summer – randy (of course!), holly, becky, lauren, ben, felicia, who am i forgetting? …  it just reminded me of them trying to make us love texas.  but i thought all WVA who have experienced randy’s lectures would find some of the questions comical. 

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