my family went and saw “Timeline” last night.  it was really good!!!  i would definitely recommend seeing it.  it was cool b/c even though i figured out how it was going to end less than halfway thru, i had no idea how they were going to get there.  and when things started appearing like they were going to work out, another obstacle showed up.  i really liked it.  but i also really like time travel and midievel times, so…     then Ryan (my bro) and i went and did some “mischief” (also known as TPing and saran-wrapping).  ::sly smile with sideways glance::  and i must say, we did a nice job.  i love doing that with my brother – he’s good!  he taught me how to throw the TP roll into the trees and make it drape.  and does he know how to saran wrap a car!  haha!  it was fun! 

will post more later…  i’m at my grammy’s house…  we’re going to eat in about an hour or so. 

happy thanksgiving everybody!


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  1. what do you mean by [edit to chapter]?  you’re very good and puzzling me.    and i don’t mean that as a bad thing!  i thought i had scared you off or something…. 

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