hey look everybody!  i have a chatterbox –>!!  so now you can write random things and have ongoing random conversations without having to go thru the whole comments things.  coolness!  i’m so excited! 

and it is officially christmas season!!  hooray!! 

Our God is with us
He’s come to save us
And we will never face life alone
Now that God has made himself known
As Father and Friend
With us to the end



4 thoughts on “

  1. how do i get a chatter box?  haha i just read the comments on mr kirbins xanga site about me being scary, & your comments back.  yes i believe we have similar thoughts.    i’m going to email you back tomorrow afternoon, after my test i should be studying for right now. 

  2. to get a chatter box…  um, click on the cloud above my chatterbox, than there should be somewhere on the page it takes you to that says “get step-by-step instructions for xanga”.  follow those… 
    yes, we’re “scary” girls.    haha!

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