i FINALLY finished this book!  (well, not this exact book – mine has a different cover, but… whatever)  whew!  took me long enough….  i started the trilogy the january after The Fellowship came out in the theatres.  yeah, i know, that was a long time ago.  granted, i did read several other books in between.  and when i was in college i didn’t exactly have a plethora of free hours for pleasure reading…  but still, it took me an embarassingly long time. 

I’m up to my ears in organization!  I’m coordinating our college group’s trip to the New Attitude 2004 Conference, which really only entails booking hotel rooms (already did that) and working out roommates (still in the process).  but that has proven to be the challenge.  it’s not exactly cut and dry.  different people want to room with different people, and the numbers don’t work out perfectly to 4 in a room.  craziness!  but it’s fun, ’cause it’s kinda like a game!  like one of those logic games.  You know, the ones where there are 6 people sitting at a round table and so-and-so is sitting next to so-and-so, but not sitting next to so-and-so, and so-and-so can’t sit next to so-and-so, but wants to sit next to so-and-so?  i love those!

then there’s the Return of the King premier.  as in the past two years, i happily took on the job of purchasing advance tickets for the movie for whomever would like to go with our group (a conglomerate of homeschool friends, church friends, friends of friends, etc…).  It’s hilarious – I keep encountering all these obstacles!  first, I go to purchase 86 tickets last Saturday.  the lady at the window tells me, “well, we only have one auditorium open for that and there’s only 32 seats left.”  I was like, “well, aren’t you going to open another auditorium?”  and she replies, “well, we only have one open ’cause it’s a special showing.”  and i’m thinking, i know it’s a special showing – that’s why they always open like 6 auditoriums.  i’ve been here the past 2 years for this!  so i thanked her and went inside to talk to a manager, who told me, “oh yeah, we’re going to open more.  we just haven’t gotten clearance to do that yet.  if you come back on monday, we’ll have several more open.”  okay, no problem.  i go back monday.  and when i get there, i realize my credit card is only $40 away from it’s limit!  and at this point, i’m up to almost 100 tickets – just over $700 worth.  ::sigh::  and i haven’t received my credit card bill in the mail so i can pay it off!  it’s wierd.  i have a $1500 limit on my card, and i usually don’t even come close to it, but i bought 3 plane tickets with it for New Attitude and that equaled just over $900, plus the regular $400 or so that I usually spend each month.  so i basically didn’t have enough credit to buy the tickets!  and it’s not like i didn’t have enough money – i have all the money to pay off the bill, i just hadn’t received the statement in the mail so i could pay it!  so my mom took a check of mine down to the bank to pay it off quickly so i could go get the tickets.  but it hasn’t posted to my account yet, so i have to wait until either tonight or tomorrow.  and now i’m up to 120 tickets and over $800!  this is insane….  haha!    so hopefully i’ll be getting those today or tomorrow.  oh, and when i went back on monday, they had opened several more theatres, so i’m not concerned about there not being enough tickets… 

yesterday was challenging.  it am sinful and i work with sinful people.  therefore, there are challenges and conflicts and situations that are handled less than ideally.  and sometimes it hurts.  and it’s hard.  but it’s part of life.  and praise God there is grace for change and grace to work through it and grace to grow.  and i am SO thankful that i work with people who are characterized by kindness and gentleness.  and i know that this is God’s best for me right now!  that builds my faith and encourages me like nothing else.  God has me in this season, going through these particular trials for a purpose.  there is no accident, there is no mistake, nothing takes God by surprise.  this is the day the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it!



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  1. yay for finishing reading Return of the King. And praise God for His grace and His *perfect* plans.
    I just sent you an e-mail adding another ticket to the “lorence clan stash” hopefully you’ll get it before you head down to the theater. You’re buying 120 tickets—how many people will be in the theater? “This is the Lambros Friend Theater. No others will be admitted. PLease display special “Lambros Friend” card.”
    Have a great day!

  2. ::laughs out loud:: at the “Lambros Friend” thing.  yeah, seriously!  last year, “our” group filled up at least a third of the theatre.  i’m currently at 125 tickets.  and i think the “big” theatres at the AMC hold 300, so we have just over a third.  wow.  craziness!

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