well, $979.00 later….
i bought 144 advanced tickets to the midnight premier of LOTR last night!  wow.  it was very weird to think that i was pushing a thousand bucks in one slam.  at the movie theatres.  yikes.  never done that before.  bethany went with me and we decided that it was just our contribution to the stimulation of the economy.  um, yeah. 

and in case any of you haven’t heard, they have come out with 2 more episodes of Horation Hornblower!!  woo-hoo!!  i’m so excited!

oh! raigan and i bought the coolest best friends necklaces!  they arrived in the mail yesterday.  they’re like the ones that becky and lauren (from WVA) had.  let’s see if i can put a picture of them on here….


yeah, that’s them…  above is the front and the back.  when you flick them and make them spin, the letters meld together visually and they say “best friend”.  they’re really cool!  so yeah, i’m wearing mine now…. 




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  1. oh yup. We’re taking 5 tickets from Andrea. How many student IDs did you plunk down for the guy to count? 🙂 And how full is the theater now with “andrea friends”–half full? almost all full?

  2. oh, sorry.  i guess an explanation would have been helpful.  it’s sort of a tradition with my friends and friends of friends, that we all go to the midnight premier.  we’ve done it the last two years.  and we’ve found that it’s way easier if one person just goes and buys them in one fell swoop so we can all be guarunteed to be in the same auditorium/theatre/house whatever you wanna call it.  so, being the type-A-inclined, good-at-appearing-organized, enjoys-this-kind-of-thing person that i am, i offered to send out the email, collect names and “orders” and then go buy the tickets.  plus i also have a credit card that gets me flight miles when i use it so…    and the total number of ppl who responded to the email (either directly to me or thru a friend) was 144.  rather insane if you think about it.  i try not to.   
    MadameMe – the guy kind of half-asked/half-muttered under his breath if i had IDs for all (115) of the student tickets i wanted and i just gave him this look of, “you’re kidding, right? as if i’m going to have all 115 student IDs with me?” and he bother with it.   
    oh, and we are in a theatre that seats 270, so we have just over half the theatre!  right on!

  3. Howdy, “neighbor”!  Shriek!  It’s going to be so much fun!  Mom and I have a long list of things to bake and cook, and bubble baths, and mud packs, and shopping for…um…the “traditional” stuff we buy just before the summer at WalMart.  (By the way, BigLots has a bunch of really cute ones!)  Want to come over and make gingerbread people?

  4. I see! Same here with my friends, we always go to the midnight opening show for lotr. While I am among the most type-a of the group, the last two years people other than myself have taken care of the purchasing. hehehe But 144? Dang, that’s a lot…we typically round up a group of maybe 25, but that’s about it…wowzahs. 🙂

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