hey look everyone!!  i was able to get a new picture for my profile (thanks a million to matt who helped me understand a little more about the computer world!  i knew i liked you for a reason…).  for those of you who haven’t met me, i’m the one on the right.  the one on the left is my best friend raigan.    we went and had these pix taken a little over a month ago.  and i’m working on updating the colors with a more seasonal feel…

and now i’ve lost my chatterbox.  it says i need to re-load this page to see headlines or whatever.  what do i do?


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  1. oh my goodness! you guys look so prettiful πŸ™‚ Did you get them taken in the sepia like that or did you fool with the picture on the computer?

  2. we did them at target, and one of the options/special things they can do, is print them in the sepia.  we liked the look so we got one sheet of them.  actually, funny story – we really liked this pose, but my hair on the right side is doing a little thing of it’s own (a stray strand is… straying), and it looked funny.  but when the lady changed it to sepia and put the border thingy on it, it sort of hid the rebellious strand….   

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