hey – can anyone help me figure out how to post a picture?  it’s not a digital picture so to speak, meaning, it wasn’t taken with a digital camera.  but it has been scanned into my computer so i have it in BMP and i can also open it in microsoft paint.  but i can’t figure out how to make it appear on a post.  plus, i also want to put one of them as my profile picture, but it’s too big (bigger than 1KB) – is there a way to make it smaller?  i know so little about computers… half of this xanga stuff, i’m just figuring out as i go along….   any help would be appreciated!  thanks!


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  2. Hey Andrea-
    To put a picture on xanga I think you have to upload it to a website (other than xanga).  You can have one of your techy friends down in AZ help you or if you want I’d be happy to do it for you. Email me! mattmanbowz@hotmail.com
    whatever you do, you don’t want it in BMP (bitmap) form.  You should press save as and make it a Jpg.  They’re about a 10th of the size. 

  3. oh, i don’t know.  i just went into my documents folder that i have the picture in and saved it as a jpeg folder…  i have no idea how to save it to a website or whatever….

  4. what you need to post a picture on xanga is to have remote image hosting. basically, you load the picture on to a different website and put up the pic’s URL. (when you’re typing your xanga entry, and you click “add pic” or whatever, and it pops up something asking for the URL, if you type it in, xanga will find that picture and load it into your entry and it will show up to everyone.)
    typically remote image hosting isn’t free, ’cause it takes up a lot of space on internet servers and people don’t like giving it away. but, ’tis the season. here are a couple of *free* image hosting providers:
    http://www.villagephotos.com/ –allows up to 25 photos, but they can’t be over 120k apiece.
    http://www.photoisland.com/ — only hosts pictures for three months. after three months, the picture disappears from your xanga.
    go to either, set up an account, load your pictures into it, and get the image URL from them. typically people use this to post multiple pictures for things like ebay and stuff like that.
    hope that helps.

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