currently eating: an orange, peach yogurt, Special K with strawberries (dry)

“o christmas tree”
we decorated our tree last night.  that’s one of my favorite times of the season.  my mom and dad and brother ryan and i….  laughing and talking and putting ornaments on the tree.  reminicsing (sp?) and telling stories.  drinking hot chocolate or some other sweet drink.  (last night my dad and i drank an entire 1/2 gallon of eggnog between the 2 of us!)  then we watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, and i always crack up at Snoopy’s imitation of Lucy, and when he dances on Schroeder’s piano…  and some of Lucy’s lines…. “you DO think i’m beautiful, don’t you?…  you didn’t answer me right away!  you had to think about it first!  if you had really thought i was beautiful, you would have spoken right up!  i know when i’ve been insulted!  i know when i’ve been insulted!”   

and of course, nothing – BUT NOTHING – beats the smell of the tree in the living room.  ::breathes in deeply::  a fresh douglas fir.  what wonderfulness! 

“the christmas party hop”
tonight is our college group’s Christmas party!  i’m so excited!  i haven’t made it to college group the last 2 months, and i’m hurting for it!  we’re doing a progressive dinner and the best part is – our mode of transportation from one place to the next is a trolley!!!!  i went out an bought a scarf to wear around my neck ’cause it’s going to be cold tonight!  the high today is only supposed to be 57 degrees!  brrrr!  “i’m dreaming of a white christmas….”  yeah, i know, i live in arizona – dream on…. 


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  1. Don’t you feel discriminated against when you hear that song?  The other day I was complaining to mom, “I just can’t relate to this!”  Hmm…maybe it’s inspiration for us to write our own deserty Christmas songs.  How about “Christmas at the Pool” or “O Tumbleweed”?

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