teeth for thought
i just got back from the dentist.  tried a new one.  had some random thoughts:

the dental hygenist who cleaned my teeth reminded me of thomas (darkness_into_light).  similar complexion, coloring, build, etc…

studying my x-rays made me think of Pirates ’cause it looks like you’re staring at a skeleton’s mouth!  seriously!  then again, it doesn’t take much to make me think of Pirates…. 

apparently i have a small mouth.  at least where taking x-rays are concerned.  had some trouble fitting the brace thingy inside my mouth for me to bite down on.  the [other] dental hygenist was like, “you’ve got such a little mouth!”  ha!  coulda fooled me….

they had disney princess toothbrushes!  i want one!  they gave me a regular oral B….  ::sigh::  no fun at all.  “zero fun sir!” 

they all seemed impressed/surprised that i had great teeth.  like, no cavaties or problems or anything.  they were like, “wow.  good job!”  i was thinking, “what?  is it unusual to have patients who come in for their regular cleaning and check up and don’t have any problems?”  must be…  and i don’t even floss or anything! 



2 thoughts on “

  1. Dear Andrea,
    Wow!  How neat!  I looked today at my dentist appointment for someone who looked like you, but no luck.    Why don’t they have Disney prince toothbrushes? 

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