christmas and easter
Yesterday my pastor said, “Celebrate Christmas in light of Easter.”  so true!  Easter makes Christmas worth celebrating!  Praise God for Christmas, but praise Him more for Easter.  If Easter didn’t exist, Christmas would be so empty.  There is mystery and wonder at Christmas, but there is salvation at Easter that makes Christmas more wondrous. 

went Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon.  was massively successful.  funny, i actually forgot that i had to go buy gifts until last week.  i had figured out what i was getting each of my family members, but somehow forgot that i still had to go get them all!  i can be such a ditz sometimes…. 

had my first manicure on saturday.  i’m 1 month away from turning 21 and i’ve never had a manicure.  should i be concerned?  naaah….  it looks very nice, if i may say so myself.  it is a french manicure (meaning, the tips are white), on my natural nails (i don’t do fake nails, no siree), with a tiny snowflake sticker on the corner of my thumbnails.  okay, call me girly, but i’m so excited!  except, i chipped the paint on my right index finger and had to “touch [it] up” this morning.  doesn’t look that great, but oh well.  it’s not that noticeable. 

Return of the King opens Tuesday night and i’m just going to die.  the film is supposed to be 3 and 1/2 hours long, and i have to work from 8-5 the next day!  then go to our caregroup party the following night (wed)!  i’m gonna die…  i can’t believe i’m doing this.  but, it’s crazy and fun and i’m young and it’s tradition, so….  i’ll grit my teeth and press thru! 

merry christmas everyone – and happy easter! 


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