well, i held up pretty good all day yesterday.  around 2:00/2:30pm was when i started getting a bit drowsy.  i started wondering what i was going to do to stay awake for the rest of the afternoon, since i was seriously beginning to crave a nap!  but then i got busy and was busy right up until i went home at 5.  and i stayed awake at the caregroup party until about half-way through the white elephant gift exchange.  as entertaining as it was, we had quite a large group (i believe 35 was the total number of people), so it took quite awhile.  my mom wasn’t feeling well, so my parents left early and i decided to go with them so i could go home and sleep.  aaaahhhh.  it felt so good!

i’m going to have lunch with luz and paz and ben applewhite today!!  i guess the place is My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.  never been there.  i don’t even know if i like greek food.  i should, seeing as i AM partially greek in my ethnic background, but…  we’ll see…   

need to finish christmas shopping.  just a couple more gifts left to get….


3 thoughts on “

  1. Hey girl! <Grin> Hi, hello and hugs! I saw you in line, but by that point we were at the “ACK, I HAVE CLAUSTRAPHOPIA ISSUES” point. So, yeah, I sent happy thoughts your way.
    Thanks about the hair. I love it! Matches my pixie wings.
    Yay Greek food-hope you liked it!
    Blessings and all that, M

  2. claustrophobia?  me?  no!  actually, i never thought i would have a claustrophobia problem until i was hiding christmas presents under my bed and was like, “wow.  it’s pretty tiny under here.  i’m starting to have issues….” 

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