okay, i just have to say, i am so stinkin’ stoked about this movie!!  then again, as most of you probably already know, i love pretty much any pirate movie – but this one has been one of my favorites since i was little.  i’m so excited!!!

http://www.peterpanmovie.net   woo-hoo!!


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  1. Woo!  Another pirate movie fan!  A really good old swashbuckler, if you can find it, is “The Sea Hawk,” Errol Flynn flying all over the place dueling the evil Spanish Armada with his cutlass.  Pirates was such an awesome movie this summer, you’ve got a great review.  Anyway, I’m Chris Martin… one of those old homeschoolers and C/G Youth & Government kids from back in the day (I went to Tempe Prep for high school, played basketball against your brother).  Got bored one night and I was randomly googling people’s names, found Paul Shippy’s blog and found yours through his.  Cool Xanga blog, you’ve got yourself another reader!

  2. Hey I have a new way to spell your name!  &rea!  Haha–get it?    I watched E! True Hollywood Story: Johnny Depp last night.  He’s a pretty bad boy.  He said he modeled his character of Jack Sparrow after the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards.  The only reason I know who he is, is from my history of rock music class.  But now I want to find out more about him.  Anyways, I thought that was interesting.  OK well what’s the latest on you coming?!  Happy 3 days before Christmas!

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