currently listening to:  adventures in odyssey: back to bethlehem, parts I,II,&III

classic episodes… 

anyone else out there grow up on Adventures in Odyssey? 


14 thoughts on “

  1. oh me! me!
    In fact, I got to meet Chuck Bolte yesterday. That was really… a cool way. 😉 “Everyone! I just met Mr. Barkley!”  Back to Bethlehem is one of my favorites…

  2. I think a better question would be, “Anyone else out there still listen to Odessey?”  Then I would have to fling my arm up and wave it madly, ME ME ME!!!  They’re a great way to pass the 5 hour drive to & from school!

  3. I LOOOOOVED Adventures in Oddysey!! and, I will still listen to it if it’s on and I’m around!! I met a guy who played someone… his name was Kyle Fisk, but I don’t remember who he played.

  4. Dear Andrea,
    Um, I must confess to having almost every single episode with the first Mr. Whittaker and Mr. Allen memorized.  My friends and I used to sit and quote whole episodes.  With the inflections – you know what I mean.    I was background Bones of Wrath noise for “Checkmate.”

  5. hooray for odyssey!!  i’m so glad to know i’m not alone! 
    didi – haha!! kyle is the same guy i know!  played artie…  you prolly met him thru teenpact stuff…?
    thomas – my and my brother quote all the time too!!  bernard and joseph is one of my favorites and that has some GREAT lines!  another all-time favorite is ‘a name not a number.’  that’s right, i remember you telling me about your background stuff! 
    sarah – heatwave is hilarious!  love that one…  “well dad, it’s like this, i fell into a moat.”  LOL

  6. Over summer break I listened to all 13 episodes of Darkness Before Dawn, with evil Blackgaard (or however you spell it… being Scandinavian that’s how I see it).
    Listening to them I could still quote just about the entire episode!

  7. my favorite set of episodes (besides “Naturally, I Assumed”) was when Bernard and Eugene went on that trip…they played 20 Questions, at Bernard’s suggestion, and Eugene immediately asked “Is it corn?” to which Bernard said “I don’t want to play this anymore.”
    to this day someone in my family inevitably says “Is it corn?” whenever 20 Questions is mentioned, or another likewise guessing game. ah, good times, good memories.

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