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  1. I’d heard the best part about the movie is the special effects and just the way everything looks.  True?  What did you think was the best part?  (I’m probably going to go see it with some friends next week.)–Chris

  2. Chris – um, well, my opinion of the movie is going to be WAY biased b/c i love the story to begin with (always have), so it could have had lame special effects and i prolly would have liked it anyway.  so, with that said…  the special effects were pretty cool.  they did a great job creating effect and mood and tone with the sets and coloring, etc.  i thought i was very welll done.  it seemed quite fantastical and magical.  but i thought the story, etc. were great too.  the dialogue wasn’t too cheesy, as it might have been.  there was one, maybe two lines that weren’t the greatest, but nothing horrible overall.  there is a ton of symbolism and analogy type stuff in the story (the book too, not just the movie), and so there was some stuff i liked in that regard…  the story also tended to resemble the book, not the other disney animated film, which i liked.  made me want to read the book again; it’s been awhile.  i think i’m going to go see it again and then maybe i’ll post a review of it in my reviews section…
    let me know what you think after you see it!

  3. When I was a little kid I read pretty much every book made into some big blockbuster “kid’s movie” and it’s amazing how different the movies are, from the original story!  Mary Poppins… Mary is completely different in the movie than the book.  (Not that this makes the movie horrible, that’s one movie I still really, really like).  Usually though, they always take the book and really dumb it down, or at least that’s how I see it.But I was hoping you’d say it’s pretty close to the book!  That’s awesome.  Like I said I haven’t read it in forever (like you I’ll probably get inspired and go find a copy), but I do remember the dark side the book has to it.  And if the movie can capture that too… along with the happy carefree spirit then I can’t wait to see this.I’m going to have to figure out how to do this review thing also, I checked out your one on Pirates and what you wrote was pretty cool!

  4. oh yes.  we are definitely on the same wave here.  the disney version of peter pan was definitely a very dumbed down version of the book.  this was not.  although i don’t remember very many specifics about the book, there were several points throughout the movie where i thought, “that’s different.  but i think that’s the way it is in the book.”  definitely a darker side.  yes.  the mermaids…  the fairies!  fairies were such a minor part of the disney film, but they have a bigger role in this one, which i think they had in the book too….   captain hook is an evil villian, not a clumsy buffoon….
    ah, good stuff.  i can’t wait to write a review…  but i need to see it at least once more before i do that…

  5. I know movies based on books have to cut some stuff out and change things around a bit given that they have to condense hundreds of pages into only a couple of hours.  Still, it really frustrates me how much they’ll try to simplify something so that it doesn’t take any effort at all to figure out what’s going on or what each character is about!  (That bothered me just a little bit with Lord of the Rings too… but not much.)
    Captain Hook I’ve heard supposed to be great.  In the book it’s insinuated that he’s Wendy’s father, right?  If the movie can actually draw that out then that’d be awesome.  I think the same person plays both Hook and Mr. Darling, right?  I hope they do a lot of that kind of stuff- the book has all these layers to it, one of those books that if you read closely, you notice all kinds of little struggles taking place in each character.
    And from the pictures I’ve seen, Hook’s actual hook looks really cool!

  6. yes, and that is how it has always been done.  i don’t know if that is strongly insinuated in the book.  i don’t remember.  but i do know that every time peter pan is done, the same man plays both roles.  more symbolism/message there… 

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