currently eating: toasted cinnamon & sugar bagel with cream cheese that is leaving lovely dark things in my teeth and soft white shmear all over my fingers.   

currently drinking: nonfat chai tea latte (and it’s not nonfat ’cause i’m on a diet, it’s b/c my stomach can’t handle the whole milk)

well, today is an exciting and terrifying day.  thrilling and fun, yet scary and weird.  upon this day, yours truly, at exactly 11:51pm tonight, will come upon her 21st year. 

yep, today’s my birthday!  fun fun!  and way wierd…  21.  me?  21?  that sounds way too old for me!  i feel like i’m 17 or 18.  i’m definitely not mature enough to be 21!  haha!  but, despite all the wierdness, God has been so good to bring me this far in His grace.  it has been an amazing 21 years and i am so in awe of all that He has done.  He who began a good work in me has been so faithful to continue it until the day of Christ!

my dad bought me the bagel and chai this morning for breakfast.  my brother is taking me to lunch, and the whole family is going to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory tonight.  hopefully afterwards i’m going to go into Barnes and Noble to find a nice hardbound copy of Peter Pan!  since seeing the movie i’ve been inspired to read the book again and own it as well!

there is a lovely purple and white flower arrangement on my desk from one of my “little” friends – Rebekah, an 11 year old girl at my church.  she is so sweet!  she remembered my birthday and gave me flowers last year too!  what an example she is of attentive and intentional kindness.  i was so blessed!  plus, i LOVE receiving flowers, period.  it doesn’t matter who they’re from – adult/child/guy/girl – doesn’t matter.  i’m tickled pink whenever i receive flowers.   

i had a wonderful quiet time this morning!  i started reading The Attributes of God by Arthur Pink.  i was also reading in Psalm 73, and some parts of Job.  i am so full that i hardly know how to put it into words.  the chapter i read in Attributes was on the solitariness of God.  talk about amazing!  God is complete and perfect all in Himself.  He does not need or desire anything to make himself complete or more glorious.  nothing we do ever adds to who He is as God. while our worship and prayers and relationship with Him can magnify and exalt the manifestations of His glory, and bring Him joy, He is still complete and perfect without it all.  which makes it so amazing that he would bless us and save us and work in our lives and draw us to Himself and reveal Himself to us.  i was in tears as i read of his splendor and wondrousness.  i truly was in awe before Him.  words failed me as i tried to pray.  even now i’m doing such a pitiful job of trying to communicate the encounter with the holy One that i had this morning.  He is so good.  so amazing.  so kind.  so wonderful.  so perfect.  so incredible.  so far beyond what my mind can grasp!  i am speechless…

other random – not necessarily spiritual – thoughts:

i’m redecorating my room!  i got a new bedspread for christmas and that capitulated a desire to “undecorate” my room.  i took a TON of stuff out and off the walls and did some major simplifying.  it’s looking really great!  we bought some paint to do one of the walls, and we found some pretty, sheer material for curtains.  in honor of this change (and ’cause it’s not christmas anymore), i am going to change the colors of my site to sort of “match.”  we’ll see how it goes… 

only 5 more days till i go to texas to see holly!!!!



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  1. Happy birthday!  I’ll be 21 too in… 8 months.  When I do, I know I’ll get that same feeling also, like I ought to just be turning 17 or 18 or something.  You sound like you’re definitely feeling that joy and peace that comes from walking with God.  Sounds like some great stuff you’ve been reading too.  Me, personally, lots of Psalm 40 (the U2 song, “40,” is really incredible), Psalm 77 and Psalm 88.
    I’m FINALLY going to see Peter Pan this weekend, waiting for friends who want to go also who finally can now- I’ll definitely let you know what I think.
    Too late to wish you a great day… but how about wishing you a great week instead!-Chris

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