rented this movie last night.  wouldn’t recommend it.  too many subplots that complicated the story, only marginally comical, made me cry (not necessarily a bad thing, i just wasn’t really wanting to watch that kind of movie), wasn’t particularly uplifting, twisted message.  so, yeah, don’t bother with it.

other than that, the rest of my birthday was very wonderful!  there were several “little” fun things that happened all day.  my dad bought me breakfast, my cousin bought me starbucks, my brother took me to lunch, when i got back from lunch there was a bouquet of balloons waiting for me from a family in our church (like the flower thing, i love receiving balloons too!!), we went to the cheesecake factory for dinner… 

my family gave me all these wonderful gifts!  and the best part is – i didn’t ask for any of them!  <diverting to mini soapbox:  i really don’t like the whole list thing, where i write down what i want for christmas/bday and then the family goes out and buys it for me.  i like it when you have to watch and observe and think about what to get someone.  so, that’s the mini version of my list gripe.  back to your regularly scheduled program>  it was so exciting to open presents, not have a CLUE what i was getting, and love them!  yay!!  oh, you probably are slightly curious as to what i got, huh?  my brother gave me a shoe shelf for my closet to replace the cardboard one i hand-constructed about a year ago.    my parents gave me a really cute little denim purse, a carousel picture frame (that i’ve been wanting for months but haven’t been able to find!), and these metal hole punch thingies you use for making cards – definitely can use those.  they totally add to the card!  so anyway… yes, it was all quite lovely. 

in honor of my 21st, i thought i would put up a baby picture on my site.  well, actually i think i’m about 2 or 3 years old, but, at this point… same diff!  isn’t it cute???  aawww….

80 1/2 hours till i arrive in texas!


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