site note: okay, okay!  holly, i uploaded the picture!  if any of you are interested in seeing me as a dead pirate, check out my new profile pic.  and you better look quick ’cause i’m changing the pic back in a couple of days! 

well, as i’m sure most of you know, i went and visited holly ( this weekend in college station, texas!!  below is the play-by-play of the weekend.

holly and her roomate bethany picked me up at the austin airport friday evening.  we drove back to CS talking and laughing about movies, shopping, boys, getting lost, etc.  it was raining like the dickens most of the way back.  we arrived safely nevertheless despite 2 stray dogs on the highway and a few distracted-driver moments.    the house where holly and her 3 roommates live (only 2 of them were there, though) is SOOO cute!!!  i seriously fell in love with the house, the roommates and the whole idea of where and how they live.  it totally made me want to move into a little house with friends!  haha!  holly and i made a late night trip to H E B to pick up some groceries since the fridge and cuboards were quite bare.  then we stayed up until nearly 3am talking, looking at pictures…  holly gave me a way cool journal that she had covered the outside with various fun pictures and sayings and then modge-podged.  it is SOO fun!  it has a pic of us on it, a pic of THE best scene from Pirates, 2 peas in a pod, and even an “A”.  yes, i totally love it!  we eventually fell into bed and didn’t stir much until 10:45 the next morning.  we got up and made waffles (and can holly make some killer waffles!!) and sat in our pajamas talking some more and looking at her scrapbooks from the summer and her debutante year.  eventually we decided to meet the outside world.  we got dressed, etc. and holly took me on a walk around Lancaster Place (where she lives) and the university (Texas A&M).  i got to see where she has most of her classes and we discovered together where some of her up-coming classes will be.  what a beautiful campus!  since we ate so late and didn’t really want lunch per se, we hit starbucks instead and then headed to the mall to see if we couldn’t find me a cute A&M shirt.  i found one, but they only had XXL, so i’ll wait until i get around to sending holly a check and she can send it to me.  i didn’t buy a t-shirt, but it’s okay b/c JC Penneys was having a huge sale and i came away with some *other* treasures – a Calvin and Hobbes book (LOVE those!), another pair of jeans ($17.99!), AND a great little black dress that i had seen a couple months ago, totally wanted, and found for only $29.99!  woo-hoo!!  i was quite thrilled.  then we hit Freebird’s for dinner.  it’s kind of like Chipotle but not quite so mexican.  i liked it!  after Freebird’s we went to 1/2 Price Books and i found a copy of The Inheritance, which is louisa may alcott’s first novel.  i’ve seen the movie and i think i’ve read the book too, and loved both and am now happy to own it!  at this point, it was only like, 9pm.  we went back to the house and had WAY too much fun exploring the special features on the DVD of Pirates.  did you know that if you put the disks into your computer, there are a ton of other features??  like, the dead pirate picture one.  we scanned in pictures and created dead pirate versions of ourselves!  you can also watch the film with the original script or the original storyboard pictures running next to it.  very fascinating.  then one of the guys who lives in lancaster place – ben wilson – came by to hang out.  holly and i chatted for a little bit then went to Shakes to get ice cream – can you tell we did a lot of eating this weekend??    when we got back we sat in the living room with ben and katie and bethany and chatted some more.  then ben’s brother garrett joined us and we all talked till like, 1am.  the beds were calling our names so off we went, but not after some more holly-andrea conversation right before bed…  the next morning it was stinkin’ freezing out!  we went to church and somehow got stuck under an A/C vent.  brrr!  after church we stopped back at the house so i could pack up my things and change clothes before the drive to austin (but not after one more trip to starbucks).  when we got to austin we met becky parry for lunch and a cute place called Kerbey Lane.  their specialty that day was pumpking pancakes, which holly and becky both got and i tasted.  they were good!!  after lunch we went and visited becky’s dorm and looked at more pictures.  we weren’t able to stay long ’cause i had to get to the airport, but it was still so good to see becky and spend some time with her too.  she’s cut her hair and it looks ADOREABLE!  well, it was sad to have to say goodbye again to holly…  we seriously had so much fun just hanging and talking and doing everyday stuff together.  i wish that we lived in the same place.  holly totally cracks me up and gets me crazy and out of my box.  i love it.  i was also very encouraged being able to talk and realize how much we agree and understand each other and yet we come from very different backgrounds and families and lives.  it’s so awesome how God brings people together and knits them in friendship and love. 

holly, i love you girly!!!  thanks for giving up your weekend to spend it with me – i had a WONDERFUL time!!!  did i forget to blog about anything?  can you email me a few pics from the weekend?  grazi

and if you want to hear holly’s side of the weekend, check out her blog (URL above)!   

and now i’m back to reality.  work.  but i have great things to look forward to!  like, my Pirates bday party that’s coming up this saturday!!  that’s going to be mucho fun!  can’t wait!  maybe i’ll post some pictures if i can figure out how…. 


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  1. Glad you’re home safe and that you had a good trip!! <Grin> YAY CALVIN AND HOBBES!! Have you heard of “Get Fuzzy”? If you like C&H, you’ll LOVE GF!!!

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