here are 2 more pics from my weekend in texas –

me and holly outside becky’s dorm:

we really are “two peas in a pod”…

thanks for the pics holly!

on another note…
tuesday i came home from work and walked into my bedroom.  and there i found a…present.  but not just any ordinary present, and not from any ordinary person.  no no.  my doggy – a yorkie/silky mix – had left me a “trophy” that she had “caught” in the backyard.  yes, ladies and gentlemen, there was a dead bird laying in the middle of my bedroom floor.  with feathers.  all over.  ::shudder::  it was quite disgusting i tell you.  i used kitchen tongs to put it in a bag and then vacuumed up the feathers.  and my dog followed me around with this look on her face like, “what are you doing?  that’s my trophy!  aren’t you proud?”  and in some ways, i was proud.  my little BG has been chasing birds in the backyard for all 9 years of her doggy life and this is only the 2nd time she has caught one.  so i was a little proud… once i got over being grossed-out. 


6 thoughts on “

  1. I remember when my cat left me a bird. Poor thing, it was still sorta alive, so my older brother had to put it out of its misery. With a baseball bat. Come to think of it, I wonder if a baseball bat was really so necessary.
    btw, your pictures aren’t working for me either. :-/

  2. Nope, no pics either…
    Lol!! Thank your dog, babe…He’s preparing you for when you have kids and your little boy comes home with “presents” for you. Haha!!

  3. Dear Andrea,
    Good for your dog!  That’s like in the Little House Books when their cat brought in snakes.  Our cat Sparky used to bring in birds as presents to us.  Mom’s reaction always confused him so much – there he was, trying to give us a present and we got upset at him.  :-/  Treasure those days – they go by so fast.  Good grief, sorry to get so sappy. 

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