okay, i’m working on the pictures, ’cause they’re not showing up to anyone but me.  snobs. 

i tell ya, only in arizona does the sun shine…while it rains.  haha. 

my brother buzzed his head.  it’s not quite bicked, but it’s pretty close.  he has maybe 1/4″ of hair all over his head.  it’s hideous.  i hate it.  our whole family hates it.  but ryan likes it, so it stays…  my mom did the cutting (after much begging and convincing on my brother’s part), and afterwards, she goes, “hi, this is my son, Private Ryan Lambros.”  haha. 

my birthday party is saturday!  woo-hoo!!  i’m having a Pirates party thrown for me by my wonderful friend bethany.  it’s going to be so stinkin’ cool!  everyone has to come in costume!    i won’t write more until after the party for fear of giving away any surprises.  but i am really excited!  i’m wearing a somewhat formal blue dress that i’ve had for a couple years, and we’re adding a few touches to make it look more old fashioned – like, lace around the collar, a petticoat under the skirt, gloves, a brocade waistband, a cameo broach worn at the neck, pearl earrings…  it’s going to be so much fun!   


6 thoughts on “

  1. ooh–the party sounds like lots of fun 🙂
    I was looking at your pictures –it looks like they’re on your hard drive and not online anywhere..so yeah, only you will see them. 🙂
    After the party you better post lots of pictures…so we can see the “pirate-y crew”

  2. Hey Andrea, sorry it took a couple of days, I put your pictures up and sent the links in the email!

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