out of the mouths of babes
comical anecdote from yesterday…  our church is having a valentine’s sweetheart banquet for all married or engaged couples on feb. 13th.  this past sunday i was running the sign-up table b/c our admin. assist. was out of town.  basically i was just handing out the sign-up forms and collecting checks.  well, my little friend Andrea (pronounced “awn-DRAY-uh”) – who is 8 years old – comes up and asks me, “are you going to that?” as she points to the banquet sign up forms.  “no, silly” i reply, “i’m not married or engaged.”  she gives me this blank stare and then says firmly, “well, get engaged!”  i looked at raigan who was standing there also and started laughing.  andrea then adds “you’re beautiful.  you need one!”  i looked at her and said, “i’m working on it, sweetie.  we’ll get there.  and when i have kids, you can come over and babysit them.”  this seemed to satisfy her (i used to bbsit her and her older sisters), and she skipped off happily…  ah, too funny.  thank goodness there weren’t any guys around! 


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  1. oh, i LOVE that line!  in fact, i said it to a friend of mine just the other day regarding his brother.  haha!  and then you have the “pirate” version – “you really need to find a girl mate!” 

  2. Hey Andrea! I was so excited to find your site after browsing through the WVA ring and I’ve been meaning to leave you a message since…but I’ve become such a terrible procrastinator as of late =P.
    Anyways, I’m doing really well…keeping really busy… šŸ˜‰
    Its great to see you are a part of the Sovereign Grace Ministry churches…I just started attending Abundant Life Community Church a few months ago and really love it. =)
    Great to make “contact” with you again…I’ll talk to you later…
    Blessings, Kathleen =)

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