“welcome to the Caribbean, love”
OH MY GOSH!!!!  i just got a message from a man in our church saying that he and his wife are planning on going on a Caribbean cruise in late April and they were wondering if i would be interested in going along to take care of their 1 year old baby (who, btw, is like the sweetest, most mellow, adorable baby in the church!)!  he was dropping phrases like, “at our expense of course” and “we’ll compensate you”!  i have no idea if i can go or not (biggest issue will be getting time off work) – for the love, i just found out a couple minutes ago and i can’t get ahold of either of my parents so i called my cousin to freak out over the phone with me!!!  this is so crazy!  me?  go on a caribbean cruise?  this is the type of thing one dreams about doing for your honeymoon or your 20th anniversary, not as a newly 21 year-old!    wowser!  :::dancing all around with excitement:::  i’ll keep y’all posted with what develops…. 


4 thoughts on “

  1. oh. my. goodness.
    That’s like way way way cool Andrea 😀 You should so super coolio go. Hey–I’ll go work at the church for you so you can go! or..maybe not. 😛 But I really really do hope that you get to go!

  2. I would be RAGINGLY jealous of you if I didn’t despise the ocean with every cell in my body. <Grin> That SOOOOO rocks, girl!!! <Grin> It’s that pirate obsession of yours–its turning you into a Caribbean magnet!!!!

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