got this book for my birthday.  it was perfect timing b/c i’ve been reading the book of Job in my quiet times!  so i read this book this morning.  john piper is just brilliant.  good stuff.  it’s a little book – read it in one sitting – and i can’t wait to read it again.

currently eating: oatmeal!  yummy!

trying to get back into exercising.  i wish i was a jogger/runner.  never have been.  but it’s just so stinkin’ good for you!  yesterday becky and i decided to go jogging together.  it was great!  jogging is totally different when you do it with someone.  so we’re going to try and do it together several times a week.  hooray!  back to exercising! 

on the caribbean – my parental units are totally rooting for me to go on the cruise!  all i really have to work out is taking the time off work…

the heater in my office is broken or something, and it’s absolutely freezing!

met with  janelle for coffee last night.  totally a spontaneous thing.  and it was wonderful!  i was so encouraged by our conversation.  what a blessing her friendship is! 


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  1. Woo-hoo!  Oatmeal!  I still like getting those Quaker Oatmeal boxes with the different flavors.  The best flavor is Peach.
    I’ve had some “blast from the past” breakfast food this week too.  Did you ever eat “Oh’s” when you were a kid?  Oversized cheerios filled with all kinds of good stuff in the middle, and REALLY crunchy.  Also, oatmeal, and Cream of Wheat.

  2. Cream of Wheat is so boring if it’s by itself.  How we used to make it was to make it regular, then add a ton of brown sugar to it.  And all of the sudden it becomes absolutely awesome and the breakfast of champions.  (Gut-filling, too).
    I guess they still make Oh’s… but the box looks like a box straight out of the 80s!  They haven’t changed the design (or the people on the back) one bit.  It is hilarious.  I already threw the box away but I am going to buy another at the store tomorrow and maybe I’ll go crazy and post a picture of it on my site.
    Good luck with the cruise thing.  The food was AMAZING on the one I went on, to Alaska… our grandpa gave the entire extended family (all 30 of us) the trip as a Christmas present!

  3. The best part on our boat was the Ice Cream bar.  Open 12 hours a day, after lunch until late at night.  Every one of us kids, from the little kids to us big college kids were there at least twice every day.  No doubt you’ll eat like royalty.  And you’d get to see the CARIBBEAN… that fact itself sounds so awesome.  Someday I’m gonna do that and go to Montserrat or the Virgin Islands (on my list of places I want to see, up there with Norway and Australia). 

  4. Oh, whatever you do, don’t go thinking “OH NO I’M GOING TO EAT ALL THIS HORRIBLE STUFF FOR ME.”  If you do then you’ll miss out on the feasts!   On the awesome opportunities to eat steaks and banana splits, shrimp cocktails, lobster tails, calimari, and tasty, tasty escargot!  Snails really are good… we had those on our cruise one night.  But it has to be a ton of butter and garlic you dip them in.

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