have any of you seen the veggietales “the ballad of little joe”?  besides the very clever ties to Bonanza, the silly song with larry part is a total spoof on a boy-band music video.  it’s HILARIOUS!!! 


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  1. YES!!!  I was baby-sitting for a family last week, and the kids wanted to watch that movie.  They were rolling on the floor, going, “Mr. Lundt doesn’t have a belly button!  Ah haha!”  And I was rolling on the floor, going, “Jimmy Gourd has hair like Nick Carter!  Wah haha!”

  2. That’s the best sillysongs they’ve had in a long time! I watched it with my sister and the Baldwin kids, all four of them were singing it at the top of their lungs. It was hilarious

  3. yah I saw it while doing childrens ministry, the kids were watching it and when the silly song started all us teachers were laughing so hard that the kids were watching us instead of the movie. That has to be the best silly song ever.

  4. A song for my dear friend Andrea.  Obviously you’re not getting the tune I’m singing in my head, so you can make your own up.  It’s the words that count anyway. 
    Andrea Lambros…has the coolest hair
    Andrea Lambros…it’s red, she just doesn’t care
    Andrea Lambros…I just can’t get enough
    Andrea Lambros…peas in a pod its just funny stuff

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