odyssey and ironing
’tis a sad day.  one of my all-time favorite adventures in odyssey episodes – Bernard and Joseph (pts. I and II) – is dying a slow and painful death.  i put the cassette into the boombox to listen while i did some ironing last night, and while the dialogue was perfectly fine, the music whined horribly!  a very weak and pathetic whine.  it almost didn’t sound like music.  this is such a tragedy!  if this tape dies, i am going to have to call and get a new one, ’cause i just can’t bear to lose this wonderful, dear episode.  (and i always chuckle to think of kyle fisk squeaking, “mister WALton!”  hahaha!) 

“girls… they get you every time.”
“well, one of these days you might not mind so much.”

“he actually TOLD them that?  what was he – nuts?!  i mean, it’s bad enough to tell your brothers something like that, but to tell your DAD!”
“yeah, well, nobody said the kid was a diplomat.”


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  1. hahaha!  i love oddesey!  so sad that its dying!  i’ll come to it’s funeral.  hey, i remember the focus on the family address, colorado springs, colorado, 80995.  in canada, write to box 9800 vancouver, bc b6b4g3.  i think those were the addresses.  that’s from memory, from listening to so many episodes!  🙂

  2. haha!! gotta love it!  BUT – here’s the REAL question: do you remember the address when Focus was located in Cali?  i only remember “pamona, california, 92799”    and isn’t it “v6b”?  i don’t know…  i never listen to that part anymore… 

  3. I always thought it was v6b–but v and b do sorta sound the same..
    Our production engineer was mark drury, and our executive producer is chuck bolte. And I’m chris, hoping you’ll tune in next time for more adventures in odyssey!

  4. I don’t think my trying on dresses merits concern 😉  As it isn’t even a real activity I engage in.  Haha.
    Hope you’re having fun doing whatever.

  5. Dear Andrea,
    Ha ha!  If you like, I’ll tell Kyle next time I talk to him.  😀  Yes, tapes are a sad business.  Actually, they continued to tape out here in SoCal, even after most of Focus moved to the Springs.  Were any of you at the 15th anniversary celebration in the Springs, though?  Thousands of Odyssey fans screaming for autographs.  The looks in the stars’ faces were so surprised, like they never expected that people were quite that rabid about it all. 
    There was this one part when Chuck Bolte (Mr. Barclay) was up on stage in front of the throng.  After talking about a few other things, he got on the topic of plot stuff, and hinted that Connie and Eugene might get married.  He said something like “How’d you like to see Connie and Eugene get married?”  The entire audience, probably about 2000 people, shouted back “NO!” in one voice, with such togetherness and vehemence it sounded like we had been practicing it for years.  He looked stunned.  Heh.  Their fault for introducing Katrina.  Those were the days.

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