i’m having a kickin’ good day!  and i have no idea why!  i’m just happy and energetic and bouncy.    

(i hope it holds until tonight when becky and i go for our jog!  )


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  1. hi, just went back over my posts and saw your comment. so, where do you live again? and you and didi are really good friends? yea, i don’t really know her that well, but the xanga names get around. heh.
    aight, just wanted to see who you were and all that jazz. lata.

  2. hey!  i loved the pics from your party!  the guy who dressed up like capt. jack sparrow was awesome!  and i loved your dress too!  looks like a fun party!!!

  3. I Been at ashburn for almost two years i guess. we were at fcc before. I’m a freshman in college right now and so i’m transferring to radford, univ. next fall (can’t wait), but yea. So i’m kinda looking forward to checking out some non-sovereign grace churches etc.
    So, how old are you? You in school, etc?..

  4. Glad you had a cool day!
    I answered your question at my site, about the hair-buzzing thing.  OK, first of all, it makes some guys feel more macho.  I said that.  What I forgot to mention though, is that for some guys, it makes them look way older.  I looked way youngest with my hair longer and my glasses on.  Like a 17 year old.  I looked like a regular 20 year old (my actual age) without my glasses.  Now that I’ve buzzed my hair I look like I am told I look like I’m 25.  (Though my boyish grin and ravishing eyes may subtract a year or two from that total).  So some guys like doing it because it’s a macho thing but also because it makes them feel older.  (Then again for some guys, it makes them look YOUNGER… it all just depends).  Also, not having to deal with your hair is nice.  And short fuzzy hair is a fun feeling.

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